Our Programís Philosophy

Our program is based on two concepts, child-centeredness and problem solving. Our motto is “Kids doing what kids do”.

Our teachers are warm, nurturing and knowledgeable of child development. Trained and committed to the education of young children. Our goals are to give children a sense of self worth by helping them develop at their own individual pace while leaing basic skills.  We are committed to promoting and supporting all aspects of a child’s growth in an atmosphere of respect. We value the child as an individual within the context of the family and the community, and value play as a medium for all aspects of development and leaing, Your child is an individual who is an integral member of a group, whose uniqueness is acknowledged and appreciated by that group. 

Here are some brief descriptions of the two main concepts.

  1. Child-Centered means our program is here to meet the real needs of the children, allow them the freedom to be children and put their physical, emotional and intellectual wellbeing first. We believe children lea best through play and social interactions. Our main goals are to nurture kids and help them lea to get along with their peers.
  2. Problem solving is how we teach children to form positive relationships, resolve conflicts, lea self discipline and show respect for others. We see inappropriate or destructive behaviour as a problem to be solved, primarily by the children involved and with the help of a teacher-facilitator.


Here are the major terms used in the problem solving approach:

  1. Active listening interprets and reflects a child’s feelings. It lets children express and think through their problems and find their 
  2. Negotiation teaches children to talk to each other about their problems,looks for solutions, and resolve conflicts non-violently
  3. Setting limits teaches children to stay within their boundaries and lea self-control. Limits are based on safety, responsibility and respect. We set limits with "I" messages, consequences, choices, information and contingencies. Our last resort is "removing and sitting apart".
  4. The leaing environment is built around the child's need for nurturing relationships, safety, comfort, physical activity, emotional expression, social interaction and intellectual stimulation. Whenever possible, we modify our environment and adapt it to meet children's individual needs, instead  of trying to adapt children to the environment.
  5. Affirmations are the ways we make children feel important. Affirmations include positive "I" messages. Reinforcement, noticing, strokes and narrating.

    We are always happy to discuss our philosophy with you as well as the individual needs of your child.