Paradise Daycare, Preschool & Afterschool  is locally owned family business for over 30 years!  We provide child care to children age 2-12 years old. 

Our staff are well trained ECE's, all trained with first aid and go through a criminal backround check.

Paradise Daycare Philosphy is Children lea through play. We believe children need hands on experiences and they lea this through free play. 
We are located on 169 Paradise rd, Paradise NL. If you feel this is the childcare you want for your children please give us a call at 709-782-0996. Our friendly staff will help you out with any of your questions. 

Important News

Happy New Year to everyone. I trust that everyone had a great holiday. We had a wonderful 2017, thank you for your love and support.

We ask that all children have winter hates, warm waterproof mittens and a pair of snow and extra pair of scoks, winter boots and a change of clothes. We go outside everyday, whenever possible.

Please sned in a box of tissuses and wipes as the runny noise seasaon is upon us, aslo send in a spray bottle for our out door winter activity.

All winter boots must be laid on the carpert in the locker room, not in cubbys. PLEASE all parents remove winter boots before bringing children to there rooms.